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  • Pen and ink illustrated patterns. Work for hire, licensing, buyout.

  • I dunno what will happen for 2015, but for now I’m still on the donkey trail, so to speak. My love for donkey images and art have brought some lovely gifts into my life that I wanted to share. 1 ||  The first you see here being a painting by my incredibly talented friend, Ginny […]

  • About 20 days late but Independence is always something to celebrate! Click on the image for this month’s downloadable desktop calendar.

  • It doesn’t get more real for me than to have actual strike-offs in my hot little hands. Last week I got to spend a little time with these babies! I’m so thrilled with the color correctness as some of the blues and greens were undoubtedly challenging to mix according to my *paper* color palette. Candice […]

  • Today I am writing a post that I imagined almost a year ago. My fabric dreams have come true and I’m happy to announce that I’m a licensed designer with Clothworks Fabric in Seattle. My first collection is called Homestead. This was a design that I originally conceived for The Printed Bolt’s contest, Repeat(ed.) The […]

  • Daddies can teach so many great things! Click to enjoy this month’s downloadable desktop calendar.

  • I will admit that much of the week I prefer to exist in a current events blackout. World news and the way it’s reported can be very depressing and cause me to feel so hopeless. However, as a daily NPR listener, I have been following the plight of the kidnapped schoolgirls and their distraught families […]

  • Ah… May! The month of last minute school projects, prepping for summer break and TRADESHOWS! The booth designs, promo card parades and jittery blogs are up and I’m following like a true sports fan! Since refocusing on my illustration work almost 3 years ago, each year I’ve dreamed of attending Surtex and the National Stationery […]

  • This month’s calendar brought to you by your biggest fan. Luv your mum! Click to download for your desktop.  

  • One of my early jobs for Speedo was a SMU (special make-up) for Target’s 2014 learn-to-swim kid’s products. This project came in around the holidays of 2012 and my assignment was 20 spot prints— 10 each for boys and girls. In two weeks I created some of my favorite private label work to date— I […]

  • Donkey wants to be a bunny. Happy April Fools Day! Click to download this month’s desktop calendar.

  • Happy to report I’ve been spotting many of the caps I did for Speedo out on the market now. Like this little mer-girl. You can see some of the new designs in my updated projects here.

  • I’ve got a few very important donkey related things to share but this one is the most time-sensitive. I’ve been a fan of artist, author and animal lover, Katherine Dunn of Apifera Farm since discovering her artwork on Etsy and posting about my early donkey obsession a while back. Katherine rescues “misfit” animals and lives […]