SFPapelI’m back-blogging about this wonderful workshop given a while back by my online pal Tiffanie Turner of SF Corner Blog. She’s always posting great art and brilliant recipe/inventions for her ongoing 101 Donut Pan Project. This year she began showing these gorgeous, really giant paper dahlias and peonies. Check that scale with the daisy!
When Tiffanie offered to share her craft at a Makeshift Society workshop I jumped at the chance. The evening was a perfect blend of relaxing girl time and floral fantasy. The idea was to make a holiday head dress which most students did beautifully but I ended up liking my petit bouquet which now lives in a little bubble vase I had at home.
If you ever get a chance to learn from Tiffanie go for it. You can also find her range of paper creations at her SF Papel Etsy store.


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  1. UM, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME! Thank you so much for this piece about my work. How sweet are you? I hope we see each other soon, my friend! xoxoxo

    p.s. Love your photos!


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